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Our Campaign Perks

* More information about these perks can be found on our Indiegogo campaign, which you can access here.

Special Thanks Closing Credit

Your support is truly appreciated! By choosing this perk, we will add your name to the closing credits of our film under our special "Thank You" contributors.

Handwritten Letter

We dearly appreciate your donation. With this perk, we will be sending a personalized letter to you signed by the Woestyn Team. Further details will be sent via email. You also receive a Special Thank You credit.

Digital Screening

Thank you for your generous donation! We invite you to join us for an online screening of our film after we reach picture lock. You also receive all previous perks. (The projected screening date is around August/September 2021. The exact date will be emailed at least a month prior.)

In-Person Screening with Q & A

We are so grateful for your support! For those located in Namibia, New York City, or Amsterdam, NL, we are planning to host a live screening of the film. Residents in these locations will be able to join in a Q & A with the team after the screening. The projected screening dates are in September 2021. We will reach out via email for more information and logistics.

Associate Producer Credit

We are extremely grateful for such a contribution. You get access to all previous perks and will be listed as an Associate Producer in the closing credits and all promotional material.

Executive Producer Credit

We are forever grateful for such a donation. You will be listed as an Executive Producer in the closing credits and all subsequent promotional materials. You will also have access to all previous perks.

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